Old Salt Road, Mölln and Ratzeburg

The Old Salt Road is an old trade route, which leads from Lüneburg to Lübeck through the south-eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. In the Middle Ages, it was used to carry a highly valuable commodity: salt, also called white gold. The road passes through the town Ratzeburg, picturesquely set on an island in a lake. Ratzeburg is known for its Romanesque brick-built cathedral. Art lovers may want to visit the Ernst-Barlach-Museum and the house of Paul A. Weber. To water sport enthusiasts Ratzeburg and its lake are known as the home of the German rowing elite.

Close to Ratzeburg, another town on the Old Salt Road is worth a visit: Mölln, with its colourful old houses and the St. Nicholas Church. Mölln is, above all, mainly known as the town, where Till Eulenspiegel, the most famous German jester, lived.